10 Feb 2014
Employment Alert The President assented to the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013 (POPI) on 26 November 2013. However, as no date for commencement has been set, this Act remains inoperative for the time being.
03 Feb 2014
09 Dec 2013
Employment Law's Latest Report on Whistleblowing Our latest global thought leadership report, Whistleblowing: an employer's guide to global compliance, is based on a unique multi-jurisdictional research project on the highly topical subject of whistleblowing.
25 Nov 2013
Employment Alert In Transnet SOC Limited v National Transport Movement Union (as yet unreported J2301/13, 21 October 2013) the Labour Court considered the question of whether a collective agreement concluded between an employer and third party unions may limit the right to strike by a non-party union.
18 Nov 2013
Employment Alert The Labour Court previously found, on more than one occasion, that an arbitration award that orders the payment of money prescribes after a period of three years in terms of the Prescription Act, No 68 of 1969 (Act).
11 Nov 2013
04 Nov 2013
28 Oct 2013
Employment Alert In the case of Edward Lemley v Commission for Conciliation, Mediations and Arbitration and Others (Case no: P32/12) the Labour Court considered whether the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) has jurisdiction to entertain a dispute which had previously been referred to the CCMA and withdrawn by the applicant.
21 Oct 2013
Employment Alert On 9 October 2013, the Constitutional Court held that a trade union cannot avoid liability for its neglect to prosecute claims by its members merely because the union has a constitutional right to determine its own administration.
14 Oct 2013
Employment Alert The Supreme Court of Appeal recently took to task a Temporary Employment Service (TES) for leaving its employees' employment in abeyance (similar to a lay-off or time-off until production increases) for over 10 years.